Composer, Musician, Song Writer, Vocalist, & Technologist

With her music on Top 100, 50, 30, and 10 charts, Best of 2017, 2018, and 2019 songs on Jazz Indie charts and dj lists,  features and playlists of local and global smooth jazz, pop, and rock radio stations like, 96.9 The Oasis, CD101.9, and many more amazing stations and services around the world, Grace Brancale has a growing fan base from over 110+ countries and the US.  In interviews and features like,  the Listening Loft on, and 96.9 The Oasis, , Grace Brancale has been described as a prolific and internationally acclaimed, global artist that emerges with a soulful, dreamy sound, surrounding her lyrical, rhythmic ivory melodies with seductive grooves, lush, and sensual, soaring ambiences across her over 23 albums in under a year. Her highly productive and thoughtful albums have also gotten the attention of Guinness World Records who invited her to attempt at world record in 2018. She is a prolific, versatile, composer, artist, and multi-instrumentalist with albums spanning several genres smooth jazz, modern classical, electronic, dance, soundtrack, ambient, and new age. 

Her musical roots as a composer, multi-instrumentalist (brass, woodwinds, strings, guitar, etc.), technologist, vocalist (soloist and chorus member), and classically trained pianist are her tools to create the perfect smooth jazz atmosphere for chilling and rejuvenating and creating original compositions that fuse contemporary, classical, techno, dance, new age, elements with a strong smooth jazz core and spirit to keep her favorite genre evolving and fresh. 

Listeners across 216 countries have been enjoying her music since it first debuted this past August and many across the US and around the world from 121 countries and growing have reached out to her directly to let her know they are a fan of her music because of its universal appeal and their personal connection with it. 

To date, Grace Brancale’s music has achieved the following honors, achieving as high as a ranking of #2, 3, and 4 with her singles on many top 30, 50, and 100 charts and indie charts across many stations in the US and abroad. Her single Skyline has been on the top 50 since it’s first release and recently reached top 10. Her current releases of her single Easy Morning is already charting. Her single Soothing Company has also been ranked as a weekly smooth jazz favorite at #4 the first time it debuted. Listeners around the world across many global platforms like Spotify, GooglePlay, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Yandex, iTunes, Anghami, Okyo, KKbox, AWA, Amazon, RadioAirplay, 7Digital, TuneIn, YouTube, Soundcloud, IndieSound, Saavn, Amazon, and more have also listed their top 5 to 30 favorites across her nearly 25 albums.  

Her music has even appeared on top 100 charts as high as number 3 alongside other contemporary artists like Alcoustic Alchemy, Anita Baker, Lionel Richie, Beniot, Botti, Kenny G, Sade, Basia, Kool and the Gang, Sting, and many more. Some of her fans and new fans across many radio and internet radio stations have also looked to sponsor her music to ensure that her releases continue to be aired in their country and on their favorite stations. Her singles have had top scores from worldwide listener groups for 1 to 4 singles across each album released even on her Christmas albums.  Songs like Skyline, Easy Morning,  The Magician, When the Universe Takes Over, Superhuman, A Beautiful Life, Love Keeps Going On, Can Never Let You Go, Heart to Heart, Staycation, Sandy Shores, Luxury Cruise, Soothing Company,  Smooth Passion, and many more have received top scores. Whether it is a chart in the US, Europe, Asia, MiddleEast, Austalia, Netherlands, South or Central America, South Africa, etc. , listeners around the world enjoy her music everyday. This keeps her motivated to bringing positive, atmospheric musical paintings/journeys/experiences to enrich, inspire, empower, celebrate her listeners and provide smooth music to transport her listeners around the world to an audio destination for chilling and relaxing.

Her personal mission is bringing positive, smooth, atmospheric musical paintings/journeys/experiences to enrich and inspire listeners around the world.